Sunday, September 27, 2020

HFB01 Portable HF Antenna

Doing a short review and blog of my "Super Antenna MP1" clone from China with model name of HFB01. This antenna support from 3.5Mhz to 440Mhz, a really wide frequency range.




For the installation, I made a L shape water pipes mounted to the balcony grill. The base of the antenna is clamp using U clamps. with this setup, it is easier to adjust the angle and easier for me to adjust the variable inductor easily.

Once eveything seems secured to the grill, I started to tune the antenna for 40m, 7.070Mhz by adjusting the variable antenna up and down and looking at the SWR of the MR100 Antenna Analyzer. This step was really easy compared to my previos JPC9 antenna by adjusting the length of the telescopic antenna.



Once I m satisfied with the antenna tuning, I fire up FT8 to do some receive and transmit tests. 

FT8 Transmit Tests : I can only transmit to Japan and east coast of US but could not transmit to Europe side.

FT8 Receive Tests : I can only receive from nearby South East Asia and Japan only.

FT8 Rx & Tx

FT8 Rx

Overall, I am quite safisfied with this antenna with it easy to tuning and very light weight.

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