Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Updated SVTrackR with mini 0.96 OLED display

After a few months of testing and development, I have reach a milestone of version 1.0 with all the necessary functions and features.

SVTrackR with OLED
The functions and features of this APRS Tracker called SVTrackR are :-

  • Super bright 0.96" mini OLED display
  • Decodes mic-e / compressed packets
  • Calculate distance to station from received packets
  • Calculate bearing to station from received packets
  • Display two decoded packets in multiple lines
  • Decodes and display messages for the callsign
  • Top section display GPS lat/lon and number of satellites
  •  Lower section display important counters, speeds, heading and altitude
  • Enhance Smart Beacons 
  • Calculate distance to base station location
  • Display uptime / minutes since power-up
  • Sequence number of every packet to detect packet loss
  • Byte saving by sending status every 10 packets
SVTrackR message

The OLED screen are bright enough during the day and are made for you to glance it during stops. It was NOT design to view it during driving as the text are too small.

The mic-e / compressed packet was decoded as 9M2NIA-9 was 142 degree, 6km away from my current location.
SVTrackR mic-e decoded

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