Sunday, June 29, 2014

Testing the NET51TNC as an APRS Tracker

On the GPS tab, I turn on Smart Beacon and took it for a ride.. The Smart Beacon is the 3rd options from the left .. I've setup my tracker as 9W2SVT-9 with a red car icon ...

GPS tab
Here are my setup on 2 cigarette power supply powering the NET51TNC and my Wouxun UVD1P radio.. I have also setup the GPS (9600 baud) and connected a Skylab SKM53 GPS module on TTL to the I/O pins.

Power Supply, GPS I/O

From the picture below, I have mounted the small GPS module from Skylab SKM53 inside the car. This GPS module is really sensitive and can received GPS signal from insde the car.
GPS mounted inside the car

This APRS packet was bounced off a digipeater really far away ....

The below image shows a WIDE2 scenario where the APRS packets was repeated twice before reaching an iGate.



  1. Bought one of these and tried setting it up as a tracker with my kenwood tm-v71, I used an globalsat TTL, 9600baud GPS module. I could not make it work no matter what I tried, it would do all the other stuff but not tracking, I tried all setting, different ways to connect the GPS, even the most absurd things like testing different connection procedures. GPS module was tested separately several times and is working fine, the radio and cables are also ok, as this are tested when I set it up as a repeater. How did you manage to get your`s working? What settings did you use?

  2. I also can't get the GPS side to work, all the SKM53 modules I found are serial are you sure yours is TTL.
    More details on connections and settings please.

  3. Any of these SKM53 GPSr will do